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A Reality Check on Your Retirement Savings

Trusted Advice as You Plan for the Future

With folks routinely living into their 80s and 90s, it’s more important than ever to ensure your money lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re early in your career or planning to retire soon, two factors play the largest role in your savings strategy:

  • your current income and ability to save
  • the lifestyle you seek in retirement

Explore these questions and contact Elements Wealth Management 安排一次免费咨询,讨论澳门十大信誉网赌大全的LPL财务顾问如何在这一过程中指导您.

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How much do I need to save?

没有神奇的数字,与财务顾问谈谈你的独特情况是建立一个符合你的需求和愿望的目标金额的最好方法. According to CNBC, 对许多人来说,一个合理的目标是“在30岁之前存下相当于你工资的钱。, four times your salary saved by 40, 6倍于工资的50倍和8倍于工资的60倍.” As you look to save, 许多专家建议把每次工资税前收入的10%到15%作为储蓄目标.


How will your lifestyle change?

Everyone pictures retirement a little differently. As your career ends, you may no longer be drawing a salary, 尽管许多人从事某种形式的自我雇佣来赚取收入. It’s up to you whether earnings will be part of your retirement plan, but if not, 你的储蓄应该足够充足,以补充你的社会保障,而不牺牲你想要的生活方式.


Many experts advise that if you make $100,000 annually at retirement, you need at least $80,为了在离开职场后拥有舒适的生活方式.

- Elements Wealth Management

No matter what age you’re at now, 考虑你在目标退休年龄想过什么样的生活是财务规划难题的关键部分. 为了得到一个合理准确的数字,你的储蓄能持续多久, 你可以用你的预期寿命来计算你的年“燃烧率”, 减去你的退休年龄,乘以你预计的平均年支出,就得到了你需要储蓄的目标金额.

Am I on track for my goals?

It’s never too late to start planning or to revise your strategy. Whether you’re just beginning the accumulation phase, or you’ve gathered substantial savings, 财务规划是确保你的退休储蓄在检查的一个有价值的步骤. Here are key aspects to consider when making or revising your plan:

  • Cash Flow: 确定你现在的消费习惯将有助于衡量你退休后的现金流需求. 对自己的账单和开支没有清晰的认识会极大地降低你实现财务目标的能力. 这还能让你了解到退休后的支出情况.
  • Risk Management: 分析你所购买的保险类型,以确保它们符合你的整体需求. In many cases, 保险还可以有效地用作另一种收入来源,以及对冲通货膨胀和风险较高的投资类型. 在你的退休策略中应该考虑人寿保险和长期护理.
  • Education Funding: 子女和孙辈的教育费用可能是惊人的,而且一直在上升. 用主动教育储蓄工具的最新信息武装自己,这些信息可以帮助你规划你的资金目标. 确保你不会在教育上超支,从而危及你的长期储蓄,这是提前计划的重要组成部分.
  • Retirement Income: Social Security benefits, employer-sponsored plans, investments, IRAs, and annuities typically combine to compose your retirement income. Deciding on the right mix for you can be a tough task, 但你的财务顾问可以指导你支持你的投资和税收策略.
  • Estate Planning: Establishing trusts, regularly reviewing your legal documents and beneficiary designations, 研究遗属的税务影响对于制定一个计划至关重要,它可以为你和你的亲人提供更大的信心和安全.  考虑一下这些重要的话题以及它们对你个人情况的影响. 他们每个人都在为你的最终目标——退休——做准备. 

考虑一下这些重要的话题以及它们对你个人情况的影响. 他们每个人都在为你的最终目标——退休——做准备. We are here to guide you during a complimentary consultation, so reach out to meet with a trusted LPL Financial Advisor.

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  • What services do you provide? 澳门十大信誉网赌大全的LPL财务顾问首先会查看每个客户的整体财务状况,包括教育储蓄, taxes, estate planning, and retirement contributions. 然后,他们努力制定一个对每个人都有意义的个性化计划,并引导客户实现他们的目标.
  • Who benefits from your services? Whether you’re getting started or you’re a seasoned investor, we’ve got the tools to assist you on your journey. 澳门十大信誉网赌大全没有账户的最低限额,所以澳门十大信誉网赌大全在这里为所有级别的投资者提供支持.
  • How do you charge? 澳门十大信誉网赌大全的LPL财务顾问通常只收取一项简单的费用-基于澳门十大信誉网赌大全代表您管理的资产. 他们能够在这个费用下提供财务规划和客观的建议.



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